Welcome to the Wiki for Our Peer Coaching Chronicles

We will use this wiki to share ideas and our finished products.

Session 7, Part B- November 4, 2009

Walk- In Activity:

Please add information to two or more of the following wiki pages to help your fellow coaches with ideas for their chronicle:

1. Before and After- A Study of How Coaching Improved Lesson Planning

2. How We Moved from Supporting Technology to Improving Lessons

3. How We Improved Research Skills in Students

4. Before and After- A Study of How Coaching Improved Teacher Collaboration

5. Collage of Collaboration- A Snapshot of Quotes and Photos of Coaching Successes

6. How Coaching Improved the Integration of technology within Content Curriculum

7 How Technology Integration has Affected Student Learning

Activity 4: Coaching in Practice:

  • Peer coaching is... (please add a post-it note with your quote on the chart)
  • What's working in Peer Coaching? (please add a comment to chart)

Activity 5: Review Professional Development and Web 2.0 Resources:

During Sessions 7, Part B and Session 8, Part A you will:

Create a new wiki page with your name or team members' names in the title. Outline your ideas for a project that incorporates the use of one or more tools that will be used to chronicle your coaching journey.

1. Type a brief summary of your ideas for your project.


  • Person responsible for each part of project

  • The topic(s) of your chronicle

  • The tool(s) you will use to share your journey

2. Complete your wiki page before December 1, 2009 with your completed project. You will share your project during Session 8, Part B on December 2, 2009 when we celebrate our successful completion of our peer coaching training.