Please give ideas to your fellow coaches about how coaching improved lesson planning. Type your name after your entry in case anyone has questions about your ideas.

The teachers have begun to search out more and more resources on the web that are good quality "ready-made" lessons and activities for use on an interactive whiteboard. These resources can be easily added to the lesson plans, allowing more time to focus on instruction.

I think that it's great that teachers are starting to find resources, but even greater is when they send their peers and email and share those resources with everyone.

Coaching allows Mentees to gain fresh ideas and various ways of integrating technology into the curriculum. As the Mentee has successes integrating technology into lessons, he/she is more willing to adjust their teaching practices and try new things. Where integrating technology into the curriculum was once seen as "another thing to do" the Mentee adopts the attitude that technology MUST be integrated into the curriculum. As a result, lessons are more dynamic and of high interest to students.