Please give ideas to your fellow coaches about how coaching improved teacher collaboration. Type your name after your entry in case anyone has questions about your ideas.

I believe teacher collaboration is one of the most important tools for a successful learning enviroment. It takes away the competition feeling of trying to be better than the other and allows us to share lessons, ideas, and activities. Some teachers do not have the patience for the Internet and some may have a lot of experience using it. Coaching allows us to meet with the other teachers and share the information we have found. It also allows us to show each other how we were able to find specific information. Winn

.One way I think peer coaching has helped teacher collaboration on my campus is that now teachers see me not only as a technology coach to help with hardware "issues", but also as a technology resource. Someone who can assist with integrating technology into specific lesson plans. And now that half of our teachers have Promethean Boards they are coming to me on a daily basis asking for resources to use with their boards. So now I am going to plan a time that those teachers can get together, collaborate and share ideas, lessons, and activities that they have found or created for the Promethean Boards. -Carole Corcoran-Ancona

Teaching with technology is the biggest concept for our 21st century. Peer coaching has opened up an awesome world of techno information for us to discover. Not only for my students but I like to share with my teachers. In the never ending learning in the classroom, it is so great to share with others, and discover new ideas. Even as a peer coach, I am always amazed at how much I have learned from other collobrators. T Mangone