Please give ideas to your fellow coaches about how coaching improved the integration of technology within the content areas. Type your name after your entry in case anyone has questions about your ideas.

Since our school was introduced to Galileo Assessments, I have found technology to be extremely useful within the content areas. I have been able to create assessments and plan lesson plans around curriculum that I know my students need to know and understand. Also, through the use of the smartboard, we are able to go over the material in a "fun and engaging" manner. N. Duran

  • One of the greatest things about being a peer coach is seeing the look on my collaborating teacher's face as she received her Smart board and began using it to engage her ELD students. It's amazing to see a teacher who has been teaching for ten years suddenly have a new tool to enhance her teaching.--- Cean Colcord

  • Integrating technology into the content areas has opened up a whole new world of resources to the teachers. Teachers are discovering previously untapped methods of imparting some of the concepts they have been teaching the same old way for years. They get excited about practically every new thing, and that excitement boils over to the students. - Steve

  • With mentees new to technology, I find it is easier to locate something relevant to their curriculum that they can use almost immediately. It has been easy to find Practice pages with our reading series online, which allows the Mentee to become acquainted with orienting and writing on the SmartBoard. It also provides an opportunity for the Mentee to have students become a part of the learning process through technology by allowing them to respond to questions on the pages viewed on the SmartBoard. Once the Mentee experiences the rise in student interest and participation, they become interesting in other uses of technology, i.e. Smartboard lessons, interactive websites. ~LaTonya